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How will a DUI, DWI Conviction in Fairfax County (Northern VIrginia) Affect My Security Clearance?



 There are several ways a Northern Virginia DUI, DWI conviction can affect a security clearance.  It is best to discuss your particular situation with an experienced lawyer.

However, there is a lot of general information available on the internet.  There is some good, basic information about security clearances available here.  The same website offers a list of Factors Used for Determining Security Clearance Approval/Disapproval as well as Security Clearance Guidelines related to Alcohol Consumption and Involvement with Drugs.

Department of Defense Directive 5220.6 addresses security clearance policy and things that may affect it.  Guideline G relates specifically to alcohol and how its use may affect a clearance. 

There are examples of Security Clearance Decisions for Contractors here, listed by year.

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