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I got a DUI in Fairfax County. How do I get my driver's license back from the Court? They said I would receive it in the mail in 2-3 weeks, but it has been longer than that and I still haven't received it.

You are allowed to drive after 7 days.   If you got stopped and didn't have your license with you, then it would be a minor problem, but not like "driving on suspended license".
This is a frequent problem with our General District Court clerk's office.   If you walk in there on the 8th day, they will give you your license.   After that, they mail them out, but many folks have told me that they never got it.    Sometimes, the Court papers have more than one address for a client.   If the license has one address, but the client gave the magistrate another address for thier current residence, then it can get complicated.   
You will have to go to DMV for a duplicate.   I'm sure it is not going to be in the clerk's office. 
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