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What is the Virginia DMV Point System?


Did you ever wonder how many points you have on your license?  Well, you aren't the only one.  Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of good and bad drivers by assessing good and bad points.  For every year of good driving, you receive one positive point, for a maximum of five positive points. 

For any moving violation you receive demerit points.  How many demerit points depends on the severity of the moving violation.  Virginia assess either Three (3), Four (4), or Six (6) demerit points for violations.  For a list of whether a particular charge receives demerit points click here: http://http://www.dmv.state.va.us/drivers/#points_assess.html

The DMV and Insurance companies use your point balance to assess how they treat you as a driver.  For more questions about your point balance and how it affects you, or if you have received a ticket for a moving violation and are unsure of how it will impact your record be sure to consult with an experienced traffic attorney in your area.