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What if the officer doesnt show up for Court for my DUI/DWI, Traffic or Misdemeanor Case in Fairfax County? It will be dismissed, right?


This is another myth that just isn't likely to come true in Fairfax County General District Court.   Unlike in Maryland, our dockets are created around the OFFICER's court dates.   So, they put all of his cases for the month on one date, and he is very likely to be there because all of his cases are on that date.
Most officers will have one Court Date for traffic cases and one Court Date for Criminal cases, each month. 
In other jurisdictions, such as Maryland, folks can hope that the officer won't come to court for a minor ticket, and that is the strategy that is all over the internet.   In Maryland, If you ask the court for a trial date, they will send you a notice and they will send the officer a notice.   The officer has not picked the date, and there is a fair chance that it will not be a good date for him.   Maybe he won't think it is worth coming out for just one minor case.  
Not so in Virginia, since the officer has multiple cases, and even if he is out sick, the Court will usually just give him a postponement for most of the cases.  

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