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What is the story with the big Mickey Mouse poster in the waiting area of your office?


This poster is from a classic cartoon, 80 years old (1931), called Mickey Mouse - Traffic Troubles (click the blue title to watch the video.)  

Mickey Mouse is a cab driver, and encounters the Police in the first minute of the cartoon.  

The cartoon pretty accurately potrays some of the pitfalls of modern driving:

No sooner does MIckey get his (fat pig) fare into the cab, than a Cop (fat mouse) comes along and starts to roust him.  

Cop keeps asking questions, but doesn't give Mickey a chance to answer.  

"What's the big idea?-- Shut Up!  

Where do you think you are?--- Shut Up! 

What do you think this is?---Shut Up!

What's your name?  Why don't you say something?   Shut Up!

Mickey tries to squeak out some replies, but the Cop isn't listening. 

Go on, Beat it.   Aghhh!  

 Soon after that, Mickey encounters a Road Rage situation.

Eventually Mickey actually loses his fare to a pothole, but goes on to pick up Minnie Mouse, even demonstrating some Distracted Driving before finally gettting a flat tire and having to deal with that for a while. 

Back in 1931, there was, of course, no Television, and certainly no YouTube.  

Back then, these cartoons were shown in the movie theatre, before the main feature.  

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