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Why am I receiving a letter from my ASAP probation officer if it's been almost 2 years since my conviction? I received a 2nd DUI almost 2 years ago. I lost my Liscense for 3 years and I was ordered to do ASAP and additional counseling. I completed all the requirements and finished everything just fine. I have now received a letter from my ASAP probation officer stating that I have to come in for a monitoring meeting. Now if my probation was only a year then why am I being asked to go see her? Another problem is I received a driving on revoked 3 weeks ago in a town about 3 hours from where i live. Can I be violated and am I still on probation if I'm being called into her office?? Help please - I'm worried and scared as I thought I was only on probation for a year.

ASAP probation is not concluded when you complete the classes.   Driving on a Suspended License can certainly be a violation, so you should consult your attorney or contact us.
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