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Fairfax DWI Lawyer Paul McGlone believes DUI/DWI laws are not always fair.

Fairfax County DUI/DWI Attorney Paul McGlone recommends this article because it illustrates the unfairness in the administration of DUI/DWI laws.

This Article by Eric H. Sills and Peter Gerstenzang first appeared in the Champion Magazine In April.   Champion is the member publication of the National Organization of Criminal Defense Attorneys (found at www.NACDL.org)

Follow this link to the article: 

A True Double Standard: A Defense Perspective on the Inherent Unfairness in the Administration of the Impaired Driver Laws

Fairfax County DUI Lawyer Paul McGlone has 20 years experience in handling DWI cases and has the trial skills needed to fight DUI / DWI cases in Fairfax, Virginia.  

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