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Applebee's Sued By Family of DUI Victim

Posted on Feb 16, 2010

The family of a man killed by a drunk driver is suing Applebee's and some of its employees, who, they say, continued to serve alcohol to the driver and the driver's friend, even though they were both allegedly clearly drunk.  The family claims the accident could have been prevented had the restaurant employees followed proper procedures and not continued to serve the men, and notified the police before the two men left the restaurant.

One waitress did call 911 when the men left, and when an officer spotted them, they drove off at almost 100mph.  The officer did not pursue them at that point, and the car crashed into another vehicle, killing the occupant of that vehicle before he could be cut from the wreckage. 

One of the men was charged in the incident, but was acquitted because there was doubt about whether he was actually the driver.  He said his friend was driving, but his friend denies that, saying it was the other man.  Both of the men settled with the victim's family, and now the family is going after Applebee's.

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