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DUI Mugshots on Facebook?

Posted on Jan 18, 2011

If a local councilman in California gets his way, anyone arrested for DUI in Huntington Beach will have his or her mug shot posted on Facebook. 

Many oppose the councilman, arguing that publicly shaming people who haven't been convicted of a crime is not effective.  Other jurisdictions have reportedly tried similar measures, only to abandon them after relatively short amounts of time.  Some argue that many of those arrested for DUI are alcoholics who won't be shamed into not drinking and driving, but their friends and family would be embarrassed and ashamed.  Some even say it could lead to bullying of children whose parents' or relatives' photos are posted.

The councilman claims he has support for his initiative, including a woman whose husband and children were killed by a drunk driver.  He said if shaming is what it takes to save lives, he supports it.

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