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Police Kill 7 Year-Old Girl in Raid

Posted on May 18, 2010

Detroit police raided the two-family home of a 34 year-old murder suspect, during which they shot and killed a sleeping 7 year-old girl.  

The young girl's family has hired high-profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who said video footage of the raid contradicts the account given by the police of the shooting.  The police claim they threw a flash grenade through a window, after which an officer had some kind of altercation with the girl's grandmother, causing his weapon to discharge.  Fieger said that is simply not true, that video footage of the raid shows the officer firing into the home immediately after throwing the grenade.

Television network A&E shot the video footage as part of a reality TV project they plan to air.

A CNN news report regarding this story may be found in our video library.

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