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We Will Aggressively Defend Citizens Accused of All Manner of Felonies Under Virginia Law

mFairfax Attorney Paul Liam McGlone is a LIFE MEMBER of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  When interviewing lawyers, always remember to ask about their NACDL membership status.  Non-members are likely to be general practice lawyers who take criminal cases as a part of their overall practice.

Below are the 8 categories of Felony crimes in Virginia, with links to infomation about each category.

In addition to the 8 categories of Felony in the Criminal Code, there are many other felonies found in the Traffic (Motor Vehicle) code, as well as felonies sprinkled in other titles of the Virginia Code.  DWI Offenses are in the Criminal Code, but often heard in Traffic Court in Virginia

Virginia Traffic code felonies include the following:

Felony Hit and Run (Leaving the Scene); Felony Driving after being an Habitual Offender; Felony Virginia Driving While Suspended for 2nd DWI; and Felony Eluding a Police Officer (failure to honor signal to stop, coupled with fleeing in a dangerous manner).  

Here are the 8 crime categories of criminal code, in their corresponding chapters.  

The most common are the DWI and Drug offenses, and they are found in Chapter 7, "Crimes Involving Health and Safety"

Chapter 4 Crimes Against the Person (18.2-30 thru 18.2-76.2)
Chapter 5 Crimes Against Property (18.2-77 thru 18.2-167.1)
Chapter 6 Crimes Involving Fraud (18.2-168 thru 18.2-246.15)
Chapter 7 Crimes Involving Health and Safety (18.2-247 thru 18.2-324.1)
Chapter 8 Crimes Involving Morals and Decency (18.2-325 thru 18.2-403.4)
Chapter 9 Crimes Against Peace and Order (18.2-404 thru 18.2-433.3)
Chapter 10 Crimes Against the Administration of Justice (18.2-434 thru 18.2-480.1)
Chapter 11 Offenses Against the Sovereignty of the Commonwealth (18.2-481 thru 18.2-492)

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