Give Me A Call, Tiger, BEFORE You or Elin Speak to the Police!

Posted by Paul McGlone | Nov 29, 2009 | 0 Comments

These are trying times, Tiger.   You are Still on Top of the World, Tiger, and as usual, everybody wants a piece of you.  

This time, "everybody" includes the Local Police, and the State Police.    And this time, it involves your Civil Rights!  

As a DWI Attorney for the past 20 years in Fairfax County, Virginia, I have seen dozens of folks who are wrongfully arrested for DUI or DWI in Fairfax County Virginia and elsewhere on facts very similar to yours.   

The police have already offered quotes suggesting that they assume that most folks will be available to answer questions for police.   Well, that is exactly the opposite of the Actual state of the law.    The law is, and the cops have been well trained, that nobody has to answer any questions.   They have numerous procedures in place to prevent police from abusing our privacy rights, but they keep trying.    They don't have to give Miranda Warnings unless a person is in Custody, so they continue to Bully every citizen into answering all kinds of questions, even though there is no such requirement.   

Most reports agree that you got in a minor accident on your own property and nothing was damaged except your own property and your own self.    That is, in my humble opinion, Your Own Business!    

You have no obligation to speak to the police other than to report an accident.   The accident has been reported.   Your own attorneys should be made available to provide any other information required by law, which, IMHO, should be "Nothing".    

 The same advice applies to your wife, Mrs. Tiger Woods.   This may just be a private matter between a man and his wife.    Nothing is to be gained by giving your private details to the Police.    

If you have any doubt, you should take a few minutes to watch this Video.   The Vid is pretty long, but only the first half is the law professor.    The second half of the Video is a Law Officer trying to encourage citizens to give up their civil rights.   

  Don't Speak to Police! Video 

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