More about Fairfax Marijuana Dismissals Under Section 251

Posted by Paul McGlone | Jan 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Previously, and continuously, I have warned clients in Fairfax County marijuana cases of the downside of a 251 dismissal.   

More recently my friend and Colleague, Jon Katz, offered similar advice on his blog:   Jon Katz discussing 251 Dismissal.

251 Dismissal is also discussed in my recent post on Fairfax Marijuana Defense entitled  Marijuana: Profile of a Fairfax County Possession Case

Beware of Virginia Marijuana 251 Dismissal

All of this discussion is intended to inform clients that there are more options, and simply taking the "251 Deal" without consulting private counsel means that you are pleading guilty to the charge and agreeing to license suspension and probation so that you can hope to have the charge dismissed in the future.   

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