I was charged with a DUI with a BAC of .15. There was no accident, no children in the car, and it is my first offense. I live in Loudoun County, Virginia. Is it possible to get my charge reduced to a .14 to avoid going to jail for the mandatory 5 days?

Yes, very often, the goal will be to get a charge reduced by "shaving points" off the BAC, where there is a 5 day mandatory jail sentence and mandatory ignition interlock for anything at or above .15 BAC.

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Our Mission is to get the best possible result for each client, while including the client in the decision-making process along the way.  Every case is different, so we strive to gain detailed knowledge of the special facts and then find all of the relevant law to help get the best result either at trial or by negotiation.

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Our Office is located at Fairfax Courthouse.   The Courthouse and Jail are right outside my window and you can’t park any closer than our office.  We focus on defense of DUI, traffic, and other misdemeanor and drug charges.

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