Sometimes when I go out I drink more than I intend to. Is there an organization in Fairfax County that I can call for a ride home from the bar or restaurant?

If you live in Fairfax County, there are plenty of great taxi companies, and the cost of a cab is a small fraction of the expense of a DWI arrest. Pay for a cab if you know you shouldn't be driving.  

During the December holidays, and occasionally at other times throughout the year, such as St. Patrick's Day, SoberRide is set up provide "free rides" home.   This is done with contributions that help pay the cost of taxi up to a certain dollar amount, while the taxi companies pay their drivers a reduced fare. Drivers rely on tips from their tipsy passengers. 

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Our Office is located at Fairfax Courthouse.   The Courthouse and Jail are right outside my window and you can’t park any closer than our office.  We focus on defense of DUI, traffic, and other misdemeanor and drug charges.

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