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Fairfax DUI Attorney Paul McGlone Praises this article as exposing the truth behind the biased laws pushed through by MADD, NHTSA and politicians around the country.

Since graduating from George Mason University School of Law in 1988, I have had over 20 years of trial experience, defending citizens accused of a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony offenses in Northern Virginia.   Since 1999, my practice has been almost exclusively focused on the Fairfax County Courts, allowing me to gain an increasing familiarity with the Courts, Prosecutors and Judges here in Fairfax County, Virginia.  
Here is Great Editorial Exposing Biased DUI Laws and Enforcement.   This is from a Colorado newspaper, but it is the exact type of enforcement bias that we see here in Northern Virginia and all around the Country.  

DUI Attorneys have been preaching about the inequities for years, even describing the DUI movement as a witch hunt as applied in certain cases.   This article does a great job of describing the situation in plain english and undeniable manner:

Colarado Article
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