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Virginia DUI or DWI allegation is not something to take lightly.  Even a first time offense carries severe consequences, such as incarceration and a fine up to $2,500, and a 12 month suspension of license (restricted license may be granted, but will require the use of an Ignition Interlock for at least six months).  

A conviction is considered to be a criminal offense and will go on your record.  Most Virginia drivers do not realize that there are many legal and technical defenses available when facing a DUI or DWI charge.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving while intoxicated, you need to seek legal advice immediately from an expert Virginia DUI attorney.  Paul McGlone has been representing DUI and DWI defendants for over 25 years.  Call McGlone Law Firm, P.C. at (703) 273-2750 for advice regarding your case.

Consequences of Virginia DUI

Virginia is tough on individuals who have been accused of drunk driving.  Recent statistics show that there were 29,595 DUI convictions in Virginia in one year.  It is common for defendants to be encouraged to plead guilty, but the fact is that often there are mitigating circumstances that can prove their innocence.  You do have the right to receive a fair trial and do not have to readily admit to guilt.Recently, the consequences have gotten worse for those who have been convicted of DUI-related offenses. 

In addition to paying a fine, serving time in jail, having a criminal record, attending mandatory alcohol education classes and receiving a license suspension, drivers convicted of a DUI are now required to have double the minimum automobile liability insurance coverage limits. You cannot afford to stand trial without legal representation from an experienced Virginia DUI and DWI attorney.

The punishment for a DUI or DWI conviction varies among jurisdictions and depends on the details of the case.  If a sentence enhancement is given, then you will receive an even worse punishment.

DUI and DWI Defense

Cases involving DUI or DWI require significant attorney expertise.  Your lawyer must have an extensive knowledge of not only the law pertaining to these offenses, but also scientific areas such as anatomy, chemistry and toxicology.  Paul McGlone is able to understand both the legal and scientific processes. Paul McGlone is well versed in the equipment used to test blood alcohol levels.  The breath test is one of the main ways a prosecutor will try to prove DUI and is therefore an important factor in preparing a strong defense.  He will thoroughly analyze the available evidence, such as the breath test results, machine maintenance records and even the qualifications of the breath test operator.  Paul McGlone will thoroughly review your case for all of the most common defects in these cases.

There are many steps involved in a DUI arrest and if an error is made at any point, the charge can be dropped.   In addition, Attorney Paul McGlone will also know which officers have video equipment in their cars, of he will make it a point to inquire as to the existence of a video.  This is an aspect often overlooked by many local attorneys, and the videos are often very helpful in defending these cases. Contact McGlone Law Firm, P.C., Virginia Defense attorneys, if you have been accused of DUI or DWI in Fairfax County, at (703) 273-2750.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to get the best possible result for each client, while including the client in the decision-making process along the way.  Every case is different, so we strive to gain detailed knowledge of the special facts and then find all of the relevant law to help get the best result either at trial or by negotiation.

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Our Office is located at Fairfax Courthouse.   The Courthouse and Jail are right outside my window and you can’t park any closer than our office.  We focus on defense of DUI, traffic, and other misdemeanor and drug charges.

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