Will my boss find out about my DUI conviction?

There are many ways that an employer MIGHT find out about a conviction.  However, nothing that happens in the Court system causes an automatic notification of the employer.   We do have to give the Court your employer's name and address if we are requesting a restricted license, but it doesn't require notification.  There is one exception involving a request to drive a company car without an ignition interlock, but you would have to discuss that with an experienced Fairfax County DWI Lawyer.   

Our Mission

Our Mission is to get the best possible result for each client, while including the client in the decision-making process along the way.  Every case is different, so we strive to gain detailed knowledge of the special facts and then find all of the relevant law to help get the best result either at trial or by negotiation.

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Our Office is located at Fairfax Courthouse.   The Courthouse and Jail are right outside my window and you can’t park any closer than our office.  We focus on defense of DUI, traffic, and other misdemeanor and drug charges.

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